Trading is an Engineering Problem

Tough Problems

Our business is trading, and we believe that it is an engineering problem. Spot makes markets in the most competitive capital markets in the world. The US markets are geographically dispersed, highly fragmented, and evolving every day.

We process massive amounts of data in real time, valuate complex derivatives while automating purchasing decisions. Solving these problems requires a heavy investment in technology. Evolving our software for dynamic markets presents us with an ongoing challenge that puts our diverse and talented engineering team to the test every single day.

Moving Quickly

The size and complexity of our problems requires us to build our own solutions. We deploy new ideas and develop existing products quickly. Spot’s engineers release code within the first couple weeks of joining the team. Since the markets provide rapid feedback to innovations, deploying code on a platform of our size is an incredibly rewarding experience.


Our Team

Our engineers are passionate and smart people who are focused on solving tough problems, but enjoy being a part of a tight collaborative community. We recruit from the top US colleges and all over the world to build our incredible team.


technology collaborationCollaboration

Efficient and orderly capital markets are essential to the success of our economic system. They provide capital for businesses to grow and an outlet for individuals to reach their financial goals. As electronic market makers we play an important role in this ecosystem.

The increasing complexity and pace of technological change in the US financial markets has been astonishing. The engineering challenges are significant and have contributed to well publicized technology problems. We want to share our experiences to help stimulate the thinking of our industry.

We value being part of the bigger community; whether it is hosting local technology talks, contributing to open source projects, or posting new ideas on our blog. Sharing what challenges and excites us with other engineers helps us connect and learn together.

Up to the challenge? See our open engineering positions.


Engineering Blog Highlights

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