Spot’s Summer Full-time Training Program Kicks Off!

We are always excited to see all of our campus recruitment efforts from the previous fall come to fruition. In July, we welcomed seven new Spot Trading Program (STP) Trainees to Spot full-time in our trading and software development teams. The programs provide a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on guidance to help the group become skilled in their practice and graduating into full-fledged traders and software developers.

Our 4 traders are coming out of Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Indiana University and University of Chicago and our 3 developers are recent graduates from University of Illinois, Harvey Mudd College and University of Pennsylvania. Much like our intern class, this STP group comes in with a vibrant energy and thirst for learning.  Our campus recruitment team visited several campuses and reviewed over 1500 resumes from universities across the company, a rigorous process, but a rewarding one nonetheless.

If you are interested in applying for any of our STP Trainee programs this fall, please follow us on our website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to learn more about these programs and how to apply.

Careers at Spot

Spot offers many different career opportunities for passionate, talented individuals who are new graduates or experienced professionals.

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