Spot CIO and CTO Share Expertise at Trading Show Chicago 2015

The Trading Show Chicago 2015 concluded on Thursday, June 4, after two days of speakers, seminars, panel discussions, and networking. Among the experts sharing their knowledge and insights were Spot’s CIO, Carlos Saez, and Spot’s CTO, Nigel Young.

On Wednesday, Carlos presented the keynote address. The audience enjoyed hearing Carlos’ perspectives on market complexity, the automation of the financial marketplace, the future impact of regulation, and the value of human insight in trading.

Next-generation infrastructure was the topic of the panel Nigel joined on Thursday. Along with other industry experts, Nigel provided insights on cloud solutions, data storage platforms, and how to scale and optimize data center capacity and performance.

Nigel, Carlos, and other Spot employees attended various events at the conference and networked with others in the industry. Spot is honored to have our employees invited to share their expertise at Trading Show Chicago, and our employees enjoy the opportunity to attend this and other industry events.

Careers at Spot

Spot offers many different career opportunities for passionate, talented individuals who are new graduates or experienced professionals.

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