Our Values

At Spot, a system of core values supports and permeates everything we do. We have identified the following as key components to our continued growth and success:


Spot is supported and managed by driven people who have earned the respect of their colleagues and competitors by guiding their business with focus and principle.


We promote transparency and cultivate an environment of respect. Independent of the ever-changing industry climate, our business partners can be confident that our integrity will remain unmoved.


Passion is always on display at Spot. You’ll see it in the way our people own their careers and talk about fulfilling, impacting work. Our inspirations are revealed not only in ideas, but also through problem solving, collaboration, and execution,


At Spot, we champion excellence across every aspect of our business. It is implicit in our values and explicit in our conduct. It’s the standard to which we will be held.

Spot Supports Our Community

Spot supports our employees’ involvement in activities that support our local community.

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